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APA Visit


It was great to have a visit from our friends at the Arkansas Pharmacy Association.

Thank You Notes


I took some time today to write “Thank You” notes to our valuable customers. We know our customers are the ones that make it possible to have a faster and friendlier pharmacy in town so THANK YOU!

Now Open!!


We are now open and excited to be part of the Sherwood community.


sherwood before imageSherwood Front

Flu Myths


Myth: The Flu Shot Can Give You The Flu

Fact: This myth just will not die. So let’s clear this up: You cannot get the flu from your flu shot.Why? That vaccine is made from a dead or inactive virus that can no longer spread its fever-spiking properties. In rare cases, a person may experience a reaction to the shot that includes a low-grade fever, but these reactions are not The Flu, Everyday Health reported. Note: Even though the flu shot cannot cause the flu, there are a number of other reasons not to get the vaccine, including for some people with an allergy to eggs or a history of Guillain-Barre Syndrome.


Myth: If You’ve Already Had Your Shot, You Are Guaranteed To Be Flu-Free

slide_274100_1968599_freeFact: Unfortunately, even after slapping a bandage on that injection site, you may only be about 60 percent protected, according to the CDC. That means, yes, you can still get the flu after your shot. Some people may be exposed to the flu in the two weeks it takes for the vaccine to take effect, reports NPR. Others might be exposed to a strain not covered in the vaccine, which is made each year based on the viruses experts predict will be the most common, according to (This year’s batch seems to have been matched well to what is actually going around, NPR reports.)





Myth: The Stomach Flu Is A Type Of Influenza

slide_274100_1968607_freeFact: Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, while often dubbed the “stomach flu,” are not typically symptoms of seasonal influenza, which, first and foremost, is a respiratory disease, according to The flu can sometimes cause these issues, but they won’t usually be the mainsymptoms — and are more common signs of seasonal flu in children than adults.





Myth: If You’re Young And Healthy, You Don’t Need The Shot

slide_274100_1968638_freeFact: Younger, healthy adults aren’t among thepeople the CDC urges most strongly to get vaccinated, like pregnant women, people over 65 and those with certain chronic medical conditions.The young and healthy will more often than not recover just fine from the flu, with or without the shot. But protecting yourself even if you don’t think you need protecting can actually be an act of good. The more people are vaccinated, the fewer cases of flu we all pass around, which in turn offers greater protection to those at-risk groups.


Myth: There’s No Treatment For The Flu

slide_274100_1968673_freeFact: It’s not antibiotics that cure-seekers should be looking for. While the two antiviral drugs available to fight the flu aren’t a quick fix, theycan reduce the length of your bout of the flu and make you less contagious to others, according to WebMD. This year’s earlier-than-usual flu season has already led to shortages of one of the drugs, Tamiflu, in the children’s liquid formulation, according to the medication’s manufacturers.However, a number of experts in countries around the world have questioned Tamiflu’s efficacy in fighting the flu, and some have evensuggested a boycott until further data is published.




Myth: You Can Get The Flu From Being In The Cold Without A Coat (Or With Wet Hair)

slide_274100_1968670_freeFact: Mom or Grandma probably told you this one at some point, and while you might not feel so cozy if you head out the door straight from the shower, doing so doesn’t exactly condemn you to bed. The only way to catch the flu is to come into contact with the virus that causes it. That might happen while you are outside in the cold, and flu season does certainly happen during cold weather, but it’s not because you’re cold that you catch the bug.


Myth: Antibiotics Can Fight The Flu

slide_274100_1968603_freeFact: Plain and simply, antibiotics fight bacteria, not viruses. The flu — and colds, for that matter — are caused by viruses. In fact, antibiotics kill off the “good” bacteria that help to fight off infections, so that viral flu may only get worse.









Flu shots are now available with no appointment necessary. Just stop in at your convenience and we can take care of you! Call us at 417-359-8185 with any questions!

Flu Shot Friday!


TOMORROW is another Flu Shot Friday!!!! Come get your flu shot for only $14.99*!!! Wanna make sure you get one? Call us at 918-876-4204 today to reserve yours and we’ll set it aside for you!!

*While supplies last*

Win 2 Tickets to the Arkansas vs. Georgia game


Stop by Express Rx on Cantrell today to register to win 2 tickets to the Arkansas vs. Georgia game in Little Rock on 10/18/14! Winner will be drawn 10/16/14 at 10am.

What do you use for allergies?

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Express on Cantrell Now Open!

Express Rx on Cantrell is YOUR locally owned pharmacy. Visit us inside or try our convenient drive-thru. Call us today at 501-227-0587.